Taking email personalization to the next level

Lately, it has been found that customers demand and expect personalized experiences, both online and offline. To solve this demand, marketers have moved towards 1:1 experiences. These experiences meet and exceed customer expectations, setting them apart from the competition. Recent studies show that 74% of marketers who targeted personalization say that it has increased engagement. Personalized email experiences are essentially the act of targetting an email campaign to a specific subscriber based on the data and information you have received about them. It could be simple information about their name, their location, their preferences, the number of times they login to your app, and other similar information.

Personalized emails have proved to increase the open and click-through rates and can have a significant impact on your ROI and revenue. Studies also have shown that emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. This only proves true when your personalized emails are rich and relevant to your receivers. Therefore, instead of offering generic mails, your customers will receive emails that are directly targetted at them, includes their name, and provides various offers and promotions that are relevant to their interests.

Here is how nexweave’s personalized experiences take your email campaigns to the next level:


Your customers have varied tastes, preferences, and interests. And therefore, nexweave focuses on creating different customer segments based on their demographics and interests. Nexweave then uses these segments to send across relevant and tailored offers or recommendations to your customers. When a customer’s received personalized information, it shows that you care about them. Research also states that about 59% of consumers believe that personalization has an impact on their purchases.
Nexweave helps you group customers based on their purchase history, location, gender, age, and even job titles.

Using Dynamic Content

When you use dynamic content, you can save the effort spent on tweaking each mail to make it relevant to your customers. Nexweave uses dynamic content in your personalized email experiences based on the data points you have collected. For instance, summer is a great time for vacations. Nexweave helps you create fresh and relevant hotel, travel as well as rental recommendations based on your customer’s travel journey.

Product recommendations

A recent search has found that 76% of customers expect businesses to understand their needs. A great way to fulfill this need is by providing personalized interactive experiences on what to buy based on their past purchases.

Special offers and deals

Nexweave also helps you send offers and discounts. These are personalized based on the segment that a customer belongs to. When customers are given offers that are relevant to them, you are likely to increase your click-through rate as well as conversions.

Final Thoughts

There are only a few ways that nexweave helps take you personalized email marketing to the next level. A simple strategy to enhance your email marketing is to send you customers rewards, discounts, etc. on their birthday, anniversaries, or even festive offers. This is a great way to show that you care about them. The possibilities of creating personalized interactive experiences are endless.

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Sharan Phillora

Sharan Phillora is a Customer Success Specialist at Nexweave, based in Mumbai, India.

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