Personalized Video Content – Revolutionise Your Marketing Game

A good marketing campaign can enhance the reputation of your brand and increase your customer base. On the other hand, one bad marketing blunder can drain years of hard work. These days video content is gaining more and more traction. This is because they are engaging, and there are a lot of goals you can achieve through an interactive video than any other tool.

Video marketing is here to stay, so every organization should jump on this bandwagon and utilize the maximum benefits out of this marketing tool. Video personalization is a customised video content that is suitable for your target audience. It helps you in making a connection with your customers and boosts the relationship of the company with its target audience.

Companies take user data to make personalized video content for their users. Let’s give you an example, Facebook uses data to make personalized video content relating to each user by making Friendversary videos. Such videos are engaging and make the customer feel that you go the extra mile and care for them.

So how can you effectively use personalized video content to enhance your brand image? Listed below are a few ways you can engage your audience.

Show them you care

Curate personalized video content for small days as well, just to make sure your customers know that you go the extra mile for them. This can be done with a customized thank you video or a reminder of any holiday such as Father’s Day to remind them to show extra appreciation and love for them on that day.

Personalized story of your brand

Showing your target audience how your brand came into existence by telling them your story helps them to connect to your brand on an emotional level. It turns them into loyal customers and increases engagement. As Seth Godin said, “People don’t buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories & magic”.

Event videos

You can give a glimpse of behind the scenes of what goes on at an event. This will make your brand look more relatable and customers can better understand your company.

Apart from this, there are many other kinds of personalized or interactive videos you can make to boost engagement. You need to know why personalized video content is so important so here are a few reasons.

Benefits of personalized video content

  • Increases conversions
  • Each customer is uniquely attracted to your brand
  • Creates a good return on investment (ROI)
  • Engages customers
  • Messages are retained more through videos than any other tool
  • Increases the trust of customers
  • Effective means of communicating your message

Interactive videos are the future of marketing. More and more companies are looking at this trend and joining in. 82% of Twitter users view video content. 98% of marketers agree that personalized video content helps build customer relationships. If these numbers can’t convince you to step up your marketing game through personalized video content then nothing will!

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