Nexweave’s Guide to Ecommerce Personalization

Let’s say that you visit your favorite retail store, and they already know what you like the most, your preferences, what suits you best and what you have been looking for, for a long time. Simply, put your needs are known well enough to make your purchase experience more comfortable. This is usually called an exclusive shopping experience. But in the e-commerce world, this loosely defines as treating every visitor as an exclusive customer. Or, in other words, e-commerce personalization. 

Studies have shown that 91% of customers are more likely to buy from companies who remember and provide relevant offers (Accenture). And a surprising 83% of them don’t mind sharing personal information and additional data for a highly personalized experience. Personalization makes buyers feel unique and improves their shopping experience. Therefore, it is easy to see that personalization translates to loyal customers and high conversion rates for your online store. 

Let’s jump into some of the most beloved strategies used by e-commerce brands but with a twist of video personalization experiences that easily improve your conversions. 

Personalized onboarding experiences

Your homepages are the front door to your online store. Now that a potential customer is at your door, it is vital that you onboard them the best way possible. If you are wondering how then personalization is the answer. With the help of cookies and other analytics, it is quite possible to get to know your visitor closely, even if he has visited just once. If you are collecting cookies on your website, like many other online stores, you already know more about this visitor or your potential customer. With Nexweave, you can use this information to improve their onboarding experience. 

Personalizing the onboarding process is a simple trick and yet helps customers find their way back to your online store. 

Personalized guides

Wouldn’t it be great if you could offer a personal shopping assistant for your customers in the form of video experiences? With quizzes, style, and size guides, you can help your users make better buying decisions. Now that you know these details, it is time to personalize your product suggestions and offer them as video experiences. 

Your users can, therefore, view highly personalized product recommendations that fit their budget and also their size. You are, in fact, offering them a store exactly designed for them! In addition to recommending products based on style and brand, you can also recommend products based on their browsing and shopping history. 

Display recently viewed products.

There could be instances wherein your users simply browse through your website, especially during a sale, but may or may not have an urge to purchase. Having skimmed through so many products, it is not quite possible for your user to remember them all. This is quite unpleasant as if the user has visited a product page and spent a good amount of time on it; he is interested in it. This is the moment for you to shine! 

Offer the user a video experience helping him remember the products he viewed and bring along a strong  CTA or Call-To-Action. Therefore, inviting him to reconsider the products he viewed in the last session in a subtle way. Apart from this, you can also suggest the user new brands to explore based on his recent browsing experience. This helps the user discover more items from a wide range of product categories. 

Personalize video experiences based on location

Whether through cookies or sending across quizzes and surveys, you will know exactly where your users are coming from and where they want the products to be shipped. There’s nothing better than using this information to provide accurate, personalized video experiences for your user. 

Personalizing shopping experience based on location is a small adjustment but leaves a long-lasting impression on your user’s mind. In the example above, we know that this particular user is located in the UK. So we must offer pricing as well the different shoe sizes based on that location. This solves a great deal of the user’s challenge because the user would then ideally have to go through a list of the conversion charts to get his/her shoe size. Similarly, you can also offer personalized video experiences keeping the cultural and seasonal changes in mind. 

Create special campaigns based on buyer behavior

Every visitor is unique and has different needs. Users who come back to your online store or your website have different needs and questions. It would be extremely obnoxious if you were to offer your first-time visitors and return visitors the exact same thing! You must remember that not every visitor becomes a customer on the first visit. 

Therefore, you must offer both of them different experiences through personalization. If you are targeting a first-time visitor, you can send across an email campaign with personalized video experiences, offering them an incentive to sign up and then visit you again. 

At the same time, if a visitor is already a subscriber, you can personalize the video experience instead of asking them to sign-up. This is the right opportunity for you to share your current products or promotions. 


E-commerce is here to stay. Your customers want highly personalized shopping experiences, and there’s no better way to keep them engaged with personalized videos. Nexweave is an easy to use platform that seamlessly integrates into your existing delivery infrastructure. 

Adding a little personalization through video experiences in your marketing will help you achieve higher conversions and increased sales revenue. To know more about Nexweave, and our various offerings, check out our blogs on e-commerce personalization or contact us today! 

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Sharan Phillora

Sharan Phillora is a Customer Success Specialist at Nexweave, based in Mumbai, India.

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