Improving Customer Experience through Personalization

The market today is flooded with options that promise to solve a customer’s problems or fulfill a need. In an effort to push products and services, customer experience often takes the back seat.

Do a large number of options/choices really help a customer, or do they make their decisions harder? When faced with a lot of ‘noise’ only a select few brands can reach the customers – Ones that are able to truly connect with them. This is where customer experience becomes crucial.

Customer Experience is King

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou

People (including your customers) truly value brands that are able to listen and understand their needs. When a brand is able to make meaningful suggestions based on past buying behavior, or well-timed marketing messages, it strikes a chord with customer. A good customer experience can help brands set themselves apart from the rest and enables in building meaningful connections with your customers.

To win a customer’s heart, brands must not only tailor their marketing messages, but also prove that they have the customer’s best interests at heart. To do so effectively, ‘personalization’ is key.

Minimizing Churn

While a good customer experience can help increase sales and return visitors, the opposite is also very likely true.

According to a study conducted by thinkJar (published by Esteban Kolsky, a leading customer experience expert and strategist), 67% of consumers cite bad experiences as a reason for churn.

Ideally, your marketing activities should be tailored based on the customer’s choices and preferences. A well-tailored, customized strategy will help ensure your customer goes through the purchase process, and this reduces the likelihood of ‘cart abandonment’.

Consumer Expectations in the Present Day

According to the study ‘State of the Connected Customer’, 76% of customers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations. In addition, 70% of customers agree that a business should understand how they use products or services. A large number also said that tailored engagement (based on their past interactions with the brand) is also key to winning their business. Customer expectations are at an all-time high, and brands must adopt ways and means to catch up fast.


During times of increased competition, exceeding customer expectations is critical. A good experience is shared with others (however, the same can hold true when the experience has not been pleasant!).

Customizing your communication and strategy based on a customer’s journey can be crucial for brands. Contact us to learn how we can help personalize your marketing activities for a better impact.

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Sharan Phillora

Sharan Phillora is a Customer Success Specialist at Nexweave, based in Mumbai, India.

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