Benefits of Interactive Video Marketing

You might already know about the benefits of using video marketing as a medium to reach out to your audience and help them learn about your brand. But did you know that you can put your creative thinking skills into work with interactive video marketing? 

Linear videos have always been dominating the market for a long time, indeed. However, with the advent of technology, it is easier to offer an interactive experience by allowing them to define the path. 

There are many ways to use interactive videos – from storytelling to brand awareness – interactive videos can also have many entry forms for information, multiple CTA (call-to-action) for different offers, and so much more. Intriguing, isn’t it? So let’s get started! 

What is Interactive video marketing? 

When you develop a video marketing strategy, you are essentially using interactivity to boost your video’s capabilities. 

With the advent and progress in technology, we can easily interact with a piece of content to change it in some ways, thereby increasing its level of personalization. So, a viewer can choose to view content, which, in turn, is tailor-made for him. 

There are many kinds of interactive videos – 360-degree view, hotspot links, data input, etc. What is common is that such videos usually receive data from the viewer. 

As marketers and businesses are now moving towards interactive media, here are a few reasons why. 

Higher Engagement

There is no denying that consumer attention spans are shorter than they have ever been before. One of the most significant challenges that content marketers face today is to capture the attention of viewers long enough to see a conversion. 

And this why interactive videos are here to stay. Interactive videos offer higher engagement levels and thereby result in a 591% lift in user activity (Wyzowl). 

Prioritizing the viewer

One of the primary objectives of interactivity with a video is to ensure that the viewer is in control. When a viewer is in control, you are essentially creating relevance for him, thereby driving him to take specific actions within the journey. This leads to the content in the video being highly impactful. 

Digital brands now recognize that consumers want to be able to jump to different parts of a video and view content that suits their relevance. And even more so, consumers want personalization as a part of their buying experience. 

Delighting the user

Interactive videos are more enjoyable than other traditional forms of video. An interactive video delights viewers in many ways. It keeps them entertained with interactive content, offers valuable information to promote brand awareness through clickable ‘hotspots,’ and educates the viewer about a brand’s product or service. 

Higher conversions

A recent study states that adding a video on a landing page increases conversion by 80% (Flockler). Interactive videos help convert significantly higher than other forms of digital ads.

It has been found that interactive videos converted at a rate of more than 11% as compared to Google ads and YouTube annotations (Wyzowl)

Collecting valuable data

Interactive videos are a great way to capture useful insights that aid a brand’s marketing campaign. Adding elements of interactivity during a video can help drive desired behaviors, ask questions, and gain relevant information or insights that help brands learn more about their viewers. 

Research has found that people usually stay on a website for as much as two minutes and are 64% likely to purchase a product shown in a video (Cincopa). Brands can, therefore, use these insights to present interactions on a video with the right product. 

Higher return on investment

Interactive videos are the perfect marketing tool to increase your numbers and gain an edge over your competitors. In fact, according to a study, 90% of marketers use videos in their sales and marketing communications (Ojoo). 

Interactive videos can help boost your marketing strategy tenfold, increase brand engagement, collect valuable information, and enhance your sales efficiency. 

In conclusion

Interactive videos allow viewers to determine how their experience unfolds. Interactive elements additionally also help boost your email marketing lists. Furthermore, if viewers respond positively to an interactive video, they are more likely to follow CTAs and even share content with friends. 

There is no correct way to interact with consumers. You need to aim for an opportunity to let your viewers respond to your brand and develop a professional relationship. Whether through video content or any other marketing strategy, consumer interaction is critical to your business. 

How are you driving brand interaction? 

To know more about how you can implement interactive videos, in your marketing strategy, contact us today! 

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Sharan Phillora

Sharan Phillora is a Customer Success Specialist at Nexweave, based in Mumbai, India.

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