5 Personalized Video Experiences to Dominate E-commerce

When e-commerce personalization is done right, it eliminates the challenges that customers face when making online purchases and thereby improve their shopping experience. In the words of the widely used marketing mantra, it sends across personalized video experiences of the right product to the right person (the one it has been personalized for) at the right time. From creating personalized email campaigns to personalized messages, personalization is here to stay and no better way than to implement it with video experiences. In this article, we discuss the five most effective ways in which personalized video experiences help increase profits. 

Macro-level e-commerce personalization

The content of the personalized video experiences needs to be relevant to the customer. The experience should compel the customer to take the action you desire, which can be determined from the customer’s lifestyle stage. So, if that individual is a first-time visitor, then it would be quite incorrect to greet that person with a list of products that you offer. It is important to remember that you do not have a lot of information on the likes and dislikes of this visitor. There is a possibility that you could lose this potential customer by offering them something random that they don’t really care about. Since this is a first-time visitor, all you need is an email address! And there are so many ways to do that with video personalization.

  • You can offer them a voucher for a discount 
  • You can let them know of a unique selling point that requires an email input. 

The idea is to target each user with content that is relevant to them to compel the viewer to take the action you desire. Using such personalized video experiences are a simple way to make your messaging specific to the audience you are speaking to. 

Increasing Customer Lifetime Value with Personalized Overlays

The truth is that pop-up ads are annoying. Luckily with Nexweave, you can make these rather engaging and incredibly effective. Macro-level personalization is a great way to start, but if you want to increase customer lifetime value more effectively, you must create personalized experiences for each individual user. You can create these by using the collected data of individual profiles, purchasing habits, and the last viewed items. This makes it possible to change contexts based on a customer’s browning and give them a personalized shopping experience. 

Personalized offers on exit

Now that your customer has browsed your site long enough for data to be gathered, you can now send across personalized experiences offering special deals on the item that they have viewed the longest. 

Additionally, you can also offer custom discounts and have countdowns to show a limited time to claim that offer. This creates urgency and convinces customers that the time to purchase is now!


Rather than upselling with popular items, you must upsell with items relevant to your customer’s purchases. Let’s say that a customer has bought skincare products separately, but you also offer skincare kits, which is overall much cheaper than purchasing them separately. So it would be useful for the user to rather buy the kit and that too at a cheaper cost. 

Personalized recommendations

You don’t always have to depend on best-sellers. Instead, you can personalize video experiences. For a customer who has bought several dresses from your platform in the past, you can send across video experiences that recommend similar dresses they might like. With such an upsell, you can also recommend items that go along with the dress. 

Abandon cart

Studies have shown that out of all the users who add items to their cart on your platform, 70% of them abandon their cart. If you are collecting the right user data, you can improve this number. 

Make sure your customers are onboarded

Onboarding customers is quite a challenge. This is a very crucial opportunity to turn first-time consumers into loyal customers. These first-time consumers might not even be aware of the products and services you have to offer. Your best shot is to give them a memorable, onboarding experience. The first step is to determine what onboarding is to you. It could either be the number of pages viewed, or the frequency of the interaction with certain features. 

A simple way to keep up the onboarding process is by sending personalized messages to your consumers as emails. This should contain information about the features or product selection for which the visitor is being onboarded. 

Show customers their size in stock

Research has shown that about 30% of all sold products are returned. This is mostly because they were not able to gauge if that product was of their size. So, you must make sure that you let your customers know when a product of their size is in stock. You can find their sizes from their previous purchases or simply convert your video experience into a short survey where the user can select the product based on their size. 

Make everything that fits and flatters

Not everything in the wardrobe fits two individuals perfectly. You can simply enhance your product catalog with styles that match your customer’s body shapes. All you have to is first launch a simple questionnaire or collect this data from your customer’s buying history. 


Personalization is not something that e-commerce companies desire. It is something that every e-commerce company needs. There are a number of tactics that you can work around with Nexweave that will get your customers intrigued and keep coming back for more. If you want to know more about our integrations and how we fit into your ecosystem, reach out to us for a demo and see how we personalize every video experience for your customers.

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Sharan Phillora

Sharan Phillora is a Customer Success Specialist at Nexweave, based in Mumbai, India.

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