3 Interesting Features of nexweave to watch out for in 2020

Nexweave’s personalized experiences let you cater to your audiences as per their needs and preferences. In essence, you market the right product and experience to the right person at the right time. Nexweave helps you have a meaningful interaction with your audiences and nudges them to convert. Customers demand personalization. Studies have shown that people are willing to pay for products that are unique to them and don’t mind sharing personal data in exchange for receiving personalized interactive experiences. Keeping all your customer needs in mind, here are some fantastic features of nexweave that you must try:

Nexweave’s experiences offer SDKs

Nexweave offers SDK, which makes it easy for you to integrate with the experiences. Let’s dig a little deeper to understand this further.

What is an SDK?

SDK or a Software Development Kit is a collection of Softwares used for developing applications for specific devices or operating systems. So if you want your app to support nexweave’s experiences, you can use nexweave’s SDK and build the framework. This makes it easy for your app to incorporate nexweave’s experiences.

How does nexweave use SDK?

To understand how nexweave uses SDK, let’s take an example. Let’s say that you own an e-commerce platform. The platform caters to certain products. Each of these products are categorized by their product name, product ID, the price range of the product, the availability, etc. Apart from these, the platform would include images of products or even videos to give a more precise understanding to their customers. All these factors – the content, the images, and the videos – that identify a product are termed as assets.

With nexweave’s SDKs, the experiences are built in such a format that neweave fetches these assets from the e-commerce platform itself.

How are these video experiences made?

Let’s say that there are four products to be recommended to a user. The nexweave platform will fetch those four products and their respective product assets from the platform. Meanwhile, the CRM pushes the details as to whom the video experiences are to be sent to. 

Therefore, nexweave acts only as a processing engine to convert product assets into videos. 

Personalized video catalogue

Through nexweave, you can also create personalized video catalogues. To understand better, we can break it down into two parts: 

Personalized video gallery

When you receive an experience, nexweave takes the inputs as to which are the best products to be recommended to you. You can make a decision by clicking on the CTA on each of the banners or watch the entire experience and then make a decision towards the end. You don’t have to worry about missing out on any of these products. All the recommended products are placed as interactive icons at the end of the experience. The options are played in a loop so that you don’t miss out. 

Branched Videos

Branching videos engage viewers through storytelling. Decision points are used to ask the user questions, and based on the response, the viewer is directed to another part in the video. Whether it is for marketing and sales, customer services, eLearning, or training, you can make better user experiences and gain valuable insight into your user. 

Video Experience Calculators

Nexweave’s video experiences can also calculate the points based on the options you choose and how quickly you choose them. For instance, if it is a quiz based experience, you can set timers that keep track of how soon you answer. So, if you answer a question in four seconds, you could score six points. But if you respond in about eight seconds, you could score two points. The higher your score, the more the points are awarded to you. 
These points calculated can later be used in any dashboard. You can use these points to run giveaways, contests, tournaments, weekend bonanzas, and other engaging activities.


Nexweave’s personalized interactive experiences impact your entire business model. It helps you –

  • Increase conversion by adapting to your campaigns, providing personalized experiences, along with next best offers and CTAs.
  •  Onboards customers with lifecycle insights and optimization. 
  • Retains customers with relevant and timely campaigns, targetting best offers, and personalized experiences. 
  • Boosts lifetime value with personalized experiences that increase your up-sell and cross-sell.

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Sharan Phillora

Sharan Phillora is a Customer Success Specialist at Nexweave, based in Mumbai, India.

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